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Sometimes you need some extra money quickly. Borrowing is an option that can help. For example from a friend or family member. But if the amounts get a bit bigger, you might want to go to a lender. For example for a mini loan. So you can quickly borrow 1000 euros if you need it. There are different ways you can do this. For example, by taking out a revolving credit. However, if you do not want to be tied to something for too long, a mini loan may be the best possible option. This is because it is fast and of short duration.

Direct lenders no third party could really help you

Take out a mini loan

The best way to quickly borrow a small amount is to take out a payday loan direct lender with no third party from This is, for example, a loan of 1,000 euros. You indicate this to the lender and he ensures that the money becomes available. Often you can easily do this online. You enter your details and send a number of required documents. Your application will then be viewed almost immediately and within a day you will know whether you can borrow. Sometimes you even have the money in your account. This way you can use it immediately in the situation for which you suddenly needed the money.

Advantages of a mini loan

There are a number of advantages to taking out a mini loan. For example, it always concerns small amounts. Consider for example the aforementioned thousand euros, but often also smaller. You also borrow for a short time. You repay the amounts anywhere between fifteen and sixty days. So you not only borrow a small amount, but also for a limited time. So you can get rid of your loan almost as quickly as you took it out. This is of course a great science. After all, being stuck for a long time is not something that many people like to be confronted with.

Small amounts

Small amounts

Most people see everything up to 1,000 euros as a small amount. Certainly when it comes to borrowing. They rather see a loan as an option for really large purchases. Yet it may be that sometimes some extra money is needed quickly. Most banks and lenders had no form available for this in the past. Apart from revolving credit, you were actually always committed to borrowing much larger amounts than the amount you actually needed. This has changed in recent years. Borrowing small amounts has become a much better possibility.

Disadvantages of a mini loan

Of course there are also a number of disadvantages to a mini loan. For example, the costs for taking out the loan are somewhat higher than with a normal, long-term loan. This is partly due to the risk that the provider runs. Short-term loans of small amounts that can be requested online are also easy to misuse. This must, of course, be compensated. Moreover, there is often no review at the BKR. This means that the provider has no knowledge of your credit history and how your payment behavior is.

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