Tuesday, 08 November 2020 13:19

Infra Bank is positive from research Z24 and FNV

The Infra Bank is experienced as the most suitable when it comes to mortgage applications from starting freelancers. The Across Lender is less successful, starters indicate that this bank has the most difficulty in taking out a mortgage. This is evident from a study that Z24 conducted in collaboration with FNV Zelfstandigen. The results of the survey are based on the results of a survey conducted among starters.

Taking out a mortgage as a starting entrepreneur has been a difficult matter for some time. Banks are reluctant to provide mortgages and loans due to the tough economic times. Self-employed start-ups are apparently considered a risk group. Linde Gonggrijp, director of FNV Zelfstandigen, does not agree with the attitude of the banks. 'Banks demand more security from self-employed people than from salaried people. But what kind of securities does someone in paid employment have? ' she wonders in an interview with FD. 'He only has unemployment benefits. Banks do not understand that the labor market has changed. Self-employed persons form a large group of 714,000 people. Banks have to keep up with the times. They have a social role to provide this group with access to the housing market. '


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