Friday, 21 October 2020 2:17 PM

Dog tax will rise sharply next year

Leiden - Dog owners will have to pay extra for their pockets in 2021, because the dog tax will increase significantly next year. This is because several municipalities have to get their budgets balanced.

The increase is not the same in every municipality, but in Rhenen, for example, the dog tax is even doubled. Newspaper De Telegraaf calls this tax increase on the dog as a pet 'the milking of the dairy cow'. In an article in this newspaper, VVD councilor Van den Berg admits that the municipality of Rhenen is short of money and that dog owners are the victim of this. “There is always someone who has to experience the disadvantage of cutbacks,” says Van den Berg. The tax in this municipality will increase from 54 US dollars to 110 US dollars next year.

Taxes are also being increased in West Brabant, according to the municipality this is not because their household book is not in order, but because of the high costs for cleaning up the dog poo on the street. The announced increased cost is causing many angry dog ​​owners. So if you want to save money, getting a cat as a pet may be worth considering.


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