Thursday, October 13 2020 2:00 PM

Get started with mortgage promotions

Perhaps it is because the housing market is going badly? Or maybe fall is the 'sale period' of lenders and banks. Who's to say? The fact is that many lenders currently offer mortgages through advantageous promotions.

For example, mortgage specialist Florius has extended the interest discount campaign. And this one was already attractive. Customers who take out a mortgage now receive a 0.2% interest discount if they take out a mortgage with NHG for a fixed interest period of ten or fifteen years. And the OLN Bank stunts with discounts of 0.4% itself. For example, if you now transfer your current mortgage to an NHG mortgage from Delta Lloyd, you will temporarily receive a 0.4% discount on the mortgage interest. This promotion will run until December 31st. And if you fix your mortgage interest for ten years, you temporarily pay only 4.45% interest with an SNS Mortgage with NHG. There are also benefits to be gained with a five-year fixed-rate period. And finally the Cream Bank. There, between 1 October and 1 December this year, you will receive 2,000 US dollars gross as a gift if you take out a mortgage with this bank or you can choose to take a 0.10% interest discount for the first fixed-rate period. That makes buying your dream home very attractive. Also check out the mortgage loans on this website for great discounts.


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