Wednesday, 21 September 2020 13:58

Tax measures 2021

Yesterday was the third Tuesday of September, time for the annual Prinsjesdag. In addition to crazy hats, we have also seen a lot of economic prospects. What is the effect of Prinsjesdag for you? First of all, purchasing power will go down, and citizens will feel that in their wallet. Many cuts have also been announced. For example, the basic package of health insurance is being reduced. Smoking cessation, dietary advice, five additional physiotherapy treatments and antacids are no longer included in the basic package. In addition, the deductible for health insurance will be increased by about forty US dollars.

Livelihoods and subsidies
The age limit is lowered to 21 years for the tax deduction for parents who incur extra costs to support children. The cabinet has also proposed substantial cuts in subsidies. For example, child benefits will be reduced by USD 41 for children aged 12 to 17 years. In addition, the health care allowance for lower incomes will go down next year. Couples and singles with a minimum income receive more than one hundred and forty US dollars less health care benefit respectively. There are also blows to housing benefit, although people with lower incomes are spared as much as possible. Middle incomes do give up a few tens a month.


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