Wednesday, 14 September 2020 11:40 AM

The BKR calls for more supervision

Leiden - The Central Bureau of Credit Registration (BKR) now wants stricter regulations with regard to the registration of debts. Defaulters at the tax authorities, energy suppliers and housing associations, among others, are now outside the organisation's eye. And they would like to see that changed.

Most people know the BKR. The agency registers whether you have a loan or a credit. So if you have bought something on installment or have a loan, there is a good chance that you have a BKR registration. If there is a delay in payments, this often means that borrowing money again is not so easy. Many people consider registration a violation of their privacy. Nevertheless, the BKR thinks it is necessary to amend the law, so that they can now have more access to more data about debts. Earlier this year she tried to expand their database. But in vain. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (CPB) resisted because they believed it violated the privacy of consumers too much. Nevertheless, the BKR again asks the House of Representatives for expansion, because according to them it is really necessary to reduce the total amount of debts of Dutch consumers. The number of households with a BKR registration has increased by about ten percent since the beginning of this year.


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