Tuesday, 03 January 2021 9:52 PM

Will saving become attractive again?

When we look at the interest rates of many banks, saving the old-fashioned way seems to be profitable again. In recent years, savings rates have been on the back burner and many of us have looked to other profitable opportunities. In the meantime, the first banks have already reached the threshold of three percent savings interest. Savershand Bank, for example, recently increased the interest by 0.10% and Anadolu Bank now gives about 0.15% more interest on its Alfa Savings Account.

The highest interest rates that you can find at the moment include the OLN Bank, saving on the Klimrente account will yield you about five percent. You will receive the same interest at Friesland Bank (Klimspaardeposito) and Reaal (Klimrente account). Followed by the Westland Utrecht bank and ABN Amro with 4.60% and 4.40%. And several banks are following this trend. Many banks also stunt with the interest on deposits. The battle to get savers back seems to have started. Plenty of choice for those who want to get a little more above the inflation rate with the savings interest. If this trend continues, we can all once again earn an extra cent with our savings in the traditional way.


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