Thursday, 10 November 2020 20:35

Save money on your music costs

When you need money, you can borrow this money, but you can also save money. Below is a tip to save money on your music spending. For those who have not yet noticed, the times when music was listened to from physical sound carriers such as cassette tapes and even CDs seem somewhat over. The internet turns out to be an inexhaustible source for all kinds of things, including songs and other musical manifestations. Companies such as iTunes and Amazon are cleverly responding to this trend. They let you buy songs through their sites, which brings some benefits to you. For example, the offer is much larger than in a 'real' music store, you do not necessarily have to buy entire albums and you do not suffer from shipping costs.

How can you save money (legally) on listening to music online? There are several sites that offer music for free. They receive income from advertising. The artists also benefit from this, so you certainly do not have to feel burdened when you use such a site. An example of such a site is Grooveshark , on which you can even compile your own music lists per genre. Other examples are WE7 and Spotify . For both sites, you can also take out a kind of subscription so that you enjoy certain conditions. With Spotify, this means, for example, that your music is not interrupted by advertisements.


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