Wednesday, 26 October 2020 6:20 PM

Save time and money with different apps

Do you have an iPhone or Android phone? Then you can save a lot of time with the various new apps from health insurance companies and insurance companies. And time is money!

For example, insurance company FBTO makes submitting your healthcare invoices very easy with the free claim app for your smartphone. You can immediately send the bill electronically at the touch of a button. In this way you will also have 'no more hassle with forms' as the society itself says. And the sooner you will receive the refund on your bank account. View the FBTO app

The first aid app, with first aid tips, a dictionary and contact details, is a free service from Agis. It is one of the most popular healthcare apps and already has 30,000 downloads. Very useful if you are abroad and need immediate information. Download this app . On the site you will also find other apps such as the Diabetes Diary, with which you can keep track of your blood glucose levels and insulin usage.

The apps are often offered to simplify the reporting of damage or to gain insight into bank or policy data. More than a year ago, Interpolis was the first insurer to develop a claim assistance app for the iPhone and now also offers an innovative app that immediately calls up emergency services after a car damage and appeals to damage services based on its location. Interpolis app


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