Monday, 17 October 2020 2:18 PM

Borrow money through Crowdfunding

You have a nice plan for a new project or you would like to publish your own book or go on that beautiful journey. But unfortunately, your wallet will not allow this. Borrowing money is an option, but what about Crowdfunding via the internet? Literally crowdfunding means financing by the crowd. If many people all give a small donation, this will ultimately result in a large amount. All you need to do is post your cause on a website and ask for small donations. The Internet is of course great for this, because it makes it possible to reach a large group of people at once.

Several people have already preceded you. For example, writer Suzanne Buis has been able to publish her book 'Ik date maar wat' through crowdfunding. Jaap van 't Kruis and Daan Spits managed to collect the necessary money for the Jimmy the Man Tours development project within a day. The latter two have raised money through , a marketplace for small development projects where people can not only give money, but also offer their specific skills, such as creating a website or accounting. If you have the ambition to publish a book, take a look at


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