Sunday, October 02 2020 2:15 PM

Direct cash money at the Stadsbank van Lening

Do you need cash immediately and is the balance in your bank account insufficient? Then the Stadsbank van Lening may be able to help you out. The Stadsbank van Lening was founded in 1614 by the municipality of Amsterdam, and is therefore not for profit. In principle, anyone from the age of 18 can come here to borrow money as collateral. Collateral is an object that you hand in at the counter in exchange for a specific amount of money and a pledge. The amount of the loan obviously depends on the value of your collateral. As in the past, the bank mainly lends on jewelry, diamonds, silver and gold. But nowadays you can also give consumer articles as collateral at one of the four branches, for example musical instruments, computers, bicycles or cameras. When you have the opportunity to repay the loan amount again, you will receive your item back. If you do not collect your property, it will be auctioned or sold in one of their stores within six months.

Since the Stadsbank van Lening is an institution of the municipality of Amsterdam, it has no branches outside of Amsterdam. The Municipality of The Hague has a similar service: the Pawn Shop Department of the Municipal Credit Bank. There you can only pawn jewelry. More information about the City Bank of Lening . If you want to borrow a smaller amount of up to 750 US dollars for a short time, a payday loan is also an option.


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