Friday, September 09 2020 12:18 PM

Borrow social money

Are you short on cash? Have you ever considered a loan from one of the people's credit banks? Many people who are in financial trouble are often unaware of the possibilities offered by popular credit banks. For six years, various social credit banks have merged under the name Sociale Bank Nederland (SBN). The new name for fourteen regional social credit banks, spread throughout the Netherlands. And established as a central bank, where you can go for a social loan.

A social loan has been created for those who have a lower income (up to 130% of the gross minimum wage) or debts and yet are in need of a loan. Or for those who do have higher income, but run into a refusal from a normal bank due to a BKR registration. In other words, for anyone who cannot go to a regular, commercial bank, but still wants to take out a loan. A nice alternative that works for no profit or commercial interest. You can also contact the SBN if you need help with your budget management or for financial guidance. For more information, visit the bank's website:


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