Thursday, 01 September 2020 11:05 AM

Mortgage or financial advice?

You have finally found your dream home or are about to buy that one nice apartment. Then it is time to arrange your mortgage. Like many, you may be wondering which mortgage adviser to turn to. Known mortgage consultant chains in our country , and . Estate agents often also refer you to a mortgage agency that they work with. A first orientation meeting with a mortgage adviser is almost always free. We will then work with you to see how much you can borrow and more information is provided about the various mortgage types. There are also major differences in the services and costs of the various mortgage advisers. It is therefore wise to first obtain information about this via the internet or by telephone before you visit them.

In addition, it is of course possible to visit a bank directly for more information about the mortgages they provide. The advantage is that no or little costs are charged for consultations and the preparation of a quotation. The disadvantage of going directly to a bank is that banks only sell their own products. As a result, you do not have an overview of different mortgages from various banks at once. Still want to see several mortgage loans in a row? On this site you can compare the most advantageous mortgage loans. For more information take a look at the articles; mortgage loan and borrowing for a home .


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