Mini loan

On Mini loan you can easily apply for a small loan yourself. This is a loan with a term of only 21 days, generally involving an amount between € 100 and € 750. For example, you can borrow a relatively small amount from Mini Loan, for example to pay for groceries properly. In addition, it is of course nice if you can buy that television in advance, or replace your washing machine. It can just happen that these things break when it is not convenient for you. Mini loan then provides a good solution.

Request quote
Mini loan works on the basis of a kind of relationship of trust that you can also build with your friends. For example, the first time it is important to request a quote with regard to the small loan. In this way you can indicate what you are looking for, while Mini Loan can tell you exactly what is possible with regard to borrowing a certain amount. In this way you come to an idea of ​​what is possible, so that you can then borrow that amount from Mini Loan.

Mini credit. Borrow 100 to 750 US dollars. So arranged.
Everyone sometimes has those times when things are not going well financially. Still, you may also need some extra cash on hand. provides such a handy Mini Credit where per online application after acceptance up to usd 750, - is deposited into your bank or giro account. Discreet handling by email. Current loans do not object. Urgent payment no problem. Click here for a quote

Agreement and payment
As soon as Mini Loan has received the data from you, a quotation will be drawn up. If you agree with this, you can make this known to the Mini Loan and a payment of the loan will be arranged. The amount will be deposited into your account, so that you have the opportunity, for example, to do the shopping or to ensure that you can purchase the new television. This is arranged quite quickly with Mini Loan, so you do not have to wait long for a decision if you have thought carefully about taking out the loan.

The interest rates of Mini Loan are fully in line with those of other providers. This means that you pay an annual interest rate that is no different from regular loan providers, who generally have a much longer term. On the other hand, it is important to take into account the costs that you will be charged. These ensure that the net payment will be lower than the amount you want to borrow. In this way you can compare the costs of Mini Loan with those of regular loans.


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