3 Jaguars stats that defined embarrassing Week 13 loss to Rams


Jacksonville Jaguars running back James Robinson (25) at SoFi Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

You could argue that the Jacksonville Jaguars are the embodiment of Murphy’s Law. At least, that’s how I felt in the 37-7 loss to the Los Angeles Rams. As the old saying goes, “if anything can go wrong, it will happen”. Over the past few weeks, it has become a common theme for the Jags to hang around 10 points or more in the third quarter and Week 13 was no different.

The Rams held no punches and threw the ball early and often. In addition, the defense of the Jaguars had no answer for Cooper Kupp. Before Week 13, you might have argued that their loss to the San Francisco 49ers was their most embarrassing outing of the season, but the one to the Rams was arguably worse. After all, Los Angeles was coming out of a three-game skid and looked vulnerable. It could be argued that this review of the Jaguars is too harsh, but they deserve every ounce of it after their uninspiring performance.

These three stats explain why the Jaguars lost to the Rams.

1. Jaguars running back James Robinson has just won eight races.

If you want to follow the best teams in the NFL, you have to get your best players involved early and often, right? The Jags don’t seem to agree with that and made the curious decision to bench running back James Robinson after fumbling for the ball.

The second year in a row certainly has to do a better job of holding the ball, but he’s the Jaguars’ best offensive player and taking balls away from him hurts the team’s ability to score points. The fact that veteran Carlos Hyde ran the ball more times than Robinson is glaring.

The Rams are a tough team to face and Robinson gave the Jaguars a better chance to do it. Why they decided to remove it from the game is a puzzle.


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