Wednesday, 22 February 2021 11:43 AM

Which direction is the mortgage interest going?

We are all being beaten to death with it: house prices have plummeted and mortgage interest rates have risen again. But what is the forecast for mortgage rates for the rest of this year and in 2013? Rise or fall?

Everyone naturally looks for the lowest mortgage interest rate when taking out a new mortgage. The exact level of the interest is also often determined by the term of the mortgage, a relatively short term fluctuates in almost all cases with the money market. Mortgages with a term longer than two years have a longer fixed-interest period. People in the financial sector expect mortgage rates on short-term mortgages to fall this year, and it is suspected that this will continue in 2013. And the prognosis at the moment is that this decline will continue for several years. These forecasts are based on the current economic situation. The same actually applies to long-term interest. It remains to be seen when exactly the fall on these mortgage rates will start in 2021. These estimates are promising for prospective home buyers, but of course it does not offer a hundred percent certainty for the future.


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