Friday, 10 February 2021 2:03 PM

Which provinces offer many jobs?

The news has been circulating in the newspapers and on television for several months: unemployment in the Netherlands has only increased in recent months. Yet that does not apply to every province. In which parts of our country are the opportunities on the labor market greater compared to other provinces?

Our country appears to be divided into three parts. In the provinces of Groningen, Overijssel and Zeeland, many people turned to the UWV for benefits, after a sharp contraction in the labor market in these regions. These provinces have the highest regional unemployment in our country. Both Groningen and Overijssel have strong connections with Germany and benefited from German economic growth, but due to the euro crisis, Germany and therefore these provinces are also experiencing a decline. Zeeland was faced with a bad summer, causing the catering and retail trade to experience regression.

The provinces of Flevoland and Limburg faced other problems. With a relatively young population, Flevoland was faced with an increase in youth unemployment and in Limburg there were many redundancies due to downsizing and closure of many car companies. On the other hand, things are going relatively well in the Randstad, Noord-Brabant and Utrecht. The high demand for IT and technical personnel ensures a more stable labor market and these provinces have a share of 79 percent in the total number of vacancies on .


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