Wednesday, 18 January 2021 9:50 PM

Restlessness about mortgage interest relief not necessary

LEAD- The banks believe that the government should no longer shy away from the discussion about mortgage interest relief and should provide clarity about the future plans for mortgage interest relief. Minister Jan Kees de Jager (Finance) gave his response to this matter last Tuesday.

His main message was: "everyone is free to think about the future of mortgage interest relief, but unnecessary unrest is of no use to us." On the other hand, the major banks in our country, such as Across Lender and Infra Bank, say they have concrete proposals on how best to reduce mortgage interest relief in the future. The minister claimed to have not yet seen a tangible plan. According to De Jager, it has been agreed that within this term of office nothing will change for the time being to the existing mortgage relief scheme. Whether it will remain so in the future? The minister could not guarantee this. A difficult issue at a time when all kinds of solutions have to be found as an alternative to cutbacks. The treasury must of course be filled. Whether the mortgage interest deduction will continue to exist is really a matter of waiting for (future) homeowners.


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