Saturday, 14 January 2021 3:17 PM

Savings wages that are released remain stored up

It will probably not have escaped you: at the beginning of this month, many people in our country were finally able to take up the released salary savings. Thanks to this scheme, which was discontinued in 2021, two million Dutch savers together have accumulated a total of about 3.5 billion US dollars. Now that the assets have finally been released, that should give a huge boost to the economy. Yet that has not happened at all (so far). Of that 3.5 billion US dollar, more than 80 percent has simply remained in the bank. This is evident from a recent survey by in which nearly three thousand people have participated in recent weeks.

Especially fear of the bad economic situation about which the media reports continuously, ensures that only about 650 million US dollars have been cashed and actually flow into the economy. Most of the salary savings are saved by people, used to pay off debts or to supplement their pension. Those who have already spent or plan to spend the salary savings, spend the money mainly on the maintenance or renovation of the home, on a vacation, or on the purchase of new equipment such as a washing machine, refrigerator or new computer , the study shows.


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