Monday, 26 December 2020 12:21 PM

Achmea takes over Independer

Insurer Achmea will soon take over the comparison site Independer. This site compares health insurers, among others. Many people wonder whether to what extent Independer can now maintain its independent position. It's as if the butcher is going to inspect his own meat.

Yet the two companies claim to merge precisely because they want to restore consumer confidence in insurance. Achmea takes a 77 percent stake in Independer, while the founders and management of the comparison site retain 23 percent of the shares. Both Achmea and Independer emphasize that the financial comparator will retain its completely independent position. Their official statement is therefore: "The position of as an objective comparison site for consumers remains guaranteed. All insurers maintain equal opportunities in the comparison."

Achmea is one of the largest health and non-life insurers in the Netherlands. The company works together with insurers FBTO, Centraal Beheer, Agis, the Zilveren Kruis and Avéro, among others. was founded eleven years ago and started as an online initiative to inform consumers as an independent intermediary and financial advisor. In the meantime, the company has grown into the largest comparison site in their field in ten years, with around 6 million visitors a year and more than 150 employees.


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