Wednesday, 21 December 2020 11:12 PM

The success of the Belgian green loan

The so-called green loans in Belgium are storming. Many people want to use the loan quickly before these tax benefits are abolished next year.

The green loan is extremely successful in Belgium and has seen a significantly increasing number of credit applications since last November. Since it was announced that these loans will disappear from 2021, because the government has included this loan in its savings plan, everyone wants to quickly use the benefits of this loan. These can only be used for green investments such as insulating the roof or installing solar panels.

The number of credit applications for a green loan increased by 29% last month, which is a doubling of the number of loans compared to last year. In Belgium, the amount borrowed for a green loan must be at least US $ 1,250 and a maximum of US $ 15,000.


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