Monday, 05 December 2020 7:10 PM

Better economic times for many provinces

We are constantly confronted by the media with the economic crisis. But there is also good news. This week, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) released the figures on the economic position of our own country, particularly per province. After a sharp contraction in recent years, most provinces have finally experienced economic growth this year. Especially in Noord-Holland and Noord-Brabant there was a clear recovery.

Last year, the economy of Noord-Holland already grew by almost two percent. This was mainly due to the progress of the wholesaler, which is strongly represented in Amsterdam. In Noord-Brabant, the industry gave a major boost, causing the economy to grow by about three percent.

The provinces in our country that lagged behind are mainly Friesland and Utrecht. Friesland had the lowest economic growth at 0.8 percent. The construction industry that is well represented here has had major setbacks in recent years. The province of Utrecht lagged behind with 0.9 percent. This is mainly due to the fact that this province is very dependent on business services. This industry was already in decline in 2010. The major cities such as Rotterdam and The Hague are experiencing economic recovery, but with a modest increase.


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