Monday, 21 November 2020 20:41

Economic crisis creates little babies

It's hard to imagine, but research from Berkeley University in California shows that babies are born nearly four percent smaller than in times of economic crisis. This remarkable discovery is a result of thirteen years of study by university scientists who compared the birth of nearly seven thousand American babies between 1987 and 2000. The research shows that in times of economic hardship, pregnant women experience more stress, which has an adverse effect. on the baby they are carrying. The 'stress babies' are about 3.7 percent smaller.

The fact that babies are born smaller is a terrifying sign, as previous research has shown that babies' height is an important indicator of health for the rest of their lives. According to researcher Claire Margerison-Zilko, smaller babies have a higher risk of illness and death when they are young, but are also more likely to develop obesity, diabetes and heart disease later in life, she says in an article on the American website DailyFinance. Mothers with a low level of education who do not work outside the home have the smallest babies in the world.


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