Monday, 14 November 2020 1:08 PM

Across Lender is cutting 2,000 jobs

The Dutch department of the Across Lender will disappoint a large number of employees in the near future. In order to curb the financial crisis, the bank feels compelled to cut around 2,000 full-time jobs. Seven hundred external jobs also have to die. A spokesperson for the Across Lender explains the apparently drastic measure: 'The economic-financial environment has clearly deteriorated. There is less demand for certain products, such as mortgages. ' The Across Lender further argues the stricter rules imposed on the banking sector. As a result, extra attention must be paid to costs in order not to get into trouble.

The jobs that will disappear are mainly in the administration departments of the Across Lender. The bank wants to complete the reorganization project by the end of 2013. From then on, annual cost savings of around USD 300 million are expected.
Already a wave of shocked reactions followed the announced layoffs. According to the CNV union, it would be 1700 redundancies, but the Across Lender disputes this. 'We have a social plan and we will try as much as possible to guide people from work to work. It is quite possible that there is work elsewhere within the organization ', the bank announced through a spokesperson.


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