A Fakespot Vs. Goliath Conflict


“We are a small team of 20 people based in New York City who are extremely passionate about restoring internet trust and eradicating the problems you haven’t been able to solve. While we are working to solve the problem of disinformation on the Internet, your team is working hard to destroy us, ”Khalifah said in a statement. open letter at Amazon Jeff Bezos. Khalifah remains hopeful that a return to the App Store will be forthcoming.

Watchdogs for consumer protection, business leaders and the general public on social media such as Twitter and Reddit weigh down opinions on the subject in favor of the mission, utility and function of Fakespot.

“Amazon’s reasons for asking for the removal of the Secure Shopping app from Fakespot are unfounded and an attempt to prevent us from telling consumers the truth,” said the co-founder and COO of Fakespot. Rob gross. The founders of Fakespot expressed bemusement and believed Amazon would appreciate Fakespot bringing trust and transparency to Amazon, which is well documented to have bogus reviews, unreliable sellers, and fakes.

As Fakespot seeks to restore its app on the App Store, Fakespot can always be added as an extension for Chromium and Firefox and can be used as a fake review analyzer on Fakespot.com.

About Fakespot

As seen in the NYT, the WSJ and on Netflix Broken series, Fakespot provides consumers with transparency when shopping online by guiding them to trusted products from top sellers in real time in major online marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy, Sephora and all. Shopify sites. Using proprietary e-commerce AI engines, Fakespot saves consumers time, money and frustration by helping them avoid unreliable products, sellers, reviews, and fakes while at the same time providing accurate information to reduce the risk of returns.

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