Annex Cloud and Commercetools Partner to Deliver Truly Omnichannel Ecommerce Solutions That Improve Retention and Accelerate Growth


“The digital transformation has given global organizations a unique opportunity to move from transaction-based marketing to a data-driven strategy, enabling them to create individual experiences that create value and strengthen relationships with customers,” said said Al Lalani, co-Founder and CEO, Annex Cloud.

Annex Cloud, a global enterprise technical solutions provider of advanced loyalty management solutions and experiential customer loyalty software, today announced a partnership with commercetools, one of the leading experience platforms of e-commerce world built on MACH (Microservices: API-first, Cloud-native) and Headless), to enable businesses to deliver personalized, omnichannel customer experiences at scale, increasing customer lifetime value, improving customer service retention and creating lasting emotional bonds with clients.

The acceleration of digital transformation has led to fierce competition, challenging businesses to differentiate themselves and retain their customers. Companies are also struggling to find better ways to collect customer data, acquire new customers, and deliver a personalized omnichannel customer experience. Loyalty is now a critical business growth strategy that can help businesses meet these challenges, including creating unique one-on-one interactions at every touchpoint. Adweek reports that personalization can reduce acquisition costs by up to 50%, increase revenue by up to 15%, and increase the effectiveness of marketing spend by up to 30%.

Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform ™, combined with commercetools’ digital commerce platform, enables brands to market faster, innovate and pivot more easily. Integration allows brands to individualize interactions throughout the buyer’s journey, engage customers through preferred channels, add significant value between transactions, and reward their best customers. Improving customer relationships through timely and relevant communications creates emotional connections that drive repeat sales and reduce churn rate.

Both platforms are designed for the world, offer maximum flexibility, and have significant native capabilities. Annex Cloud’s integration with the commercetools e-commerce experience platform includes the ability to view and leverage loyalty data throughout the buyer’s journey, including on product pages , category and confirmation. It also allows brands to send the right messages, promotions and offers throughout the buying process.

“The digital transformation has given global organizations a unique opportunity to move beyond transaction-based marketing and shift to a data-driven strategy, enabling them to create relevant individual experiences that deliver real value and empower customer relationships, ”said Al. Lalani, Co-Founder and CEO, Annex Cloud. “With commercetools, we’ve enabled an exchange of mutual value that demonstrates to customers that the brand is using their data to improve their experience, while helping the brand to stand out, protect its margins and accelerate its growth. We are delighted to partner with commercetools.

“Agility through digital commerce, adding value beyond transactions throughout the customer lifecycle and the ability to identify, engage and reward your best customers are essential for organizations to global markets remain competitive, ”said Ivo Bronsveld, Integrations Manager at commercetools. “With commercetools and Annex Cloud, businesses can improve their end-to-end customer experience and improve their margins by creating customer experiences based on their unique needs, interests and preferences, on the channels they prefer. “

Loyalty Experience Platform — An Enterprise Customer Loyalty Solution That Accelerates Growth

Annex Cloud’s loyalty experience platform is the only comprehensive loyalty solution that enables organizations to buy exactly what they need, meaning they can start with a simple exchange of value and collect data. first party, then add omnichannel rewards and more sophisticated types of programs as they grow.

  • Modularity: The widest range of engagement modules for making behavioral, emotional and empathic connections. The scalable platform enables flexibility and an agile delivery environment to meet evolving needs.
  • Complete Engagement Suite: Brands can capture, recognize and reward all customer actions with referrals, gamification, UGC / survey, influencer and contest management.
  • Over 100 Prebuilt Integrations: Prebuilt integrations with over 100 cutting edge technologies strategically designed to accelerate the delivery of loyalty management programs and meaningful customer experiences. Learn more.

About Annex Cloud

For more than 10 years, Annex Cloud has been the global leader in technology and service solutions that transform customer retention experiences for organizations, extending valuable customer engagements, ultimately making brands beloved. Leveraging the comprehensive and scalable Loyalty Experience Platform ™ suite of solutions, Annex Cloud customers capture and use zero and first-party data to seamlessly deliver hyper-personalized experiences throughout the customer journey, from awareness, purchase and retention, loyalty and advocacy. Supporting its global corporate clients, Annex Cloud has offices in the United States, Germany and India. The company is recognized by respected organizations in the industry and integrates with more than 100 cutting-edge technologies. Find out more at

About commercetools

commercetools is a next-generation software company that delivers a true cloud-native headless commerce platform that provides the building blocks for the new era of digital commerce. The company’s industry-leading API approach helps retailers create brand value by empowering sales teams to design unique and engaging digital commerce experiences anywhere, now and in the future. Visit to learn more.

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