bne IntelliNews – Albanians and Montenegrins least likely to shop online in Europe


Residents of Albania and Montenegro are the least likely to shop online across Europe, shows a compilation of data from the EU’s statistical office Eurostat.

As internet use and e-commerce increase in the Western Balkans and several national and regional markets have emerged, residents of the region are still less likely than their EU counterparts to make purchases in line.

Data for 2020 does not include Albania, but shows that only 23% of people in Montenegro placed orders online and 28% of those in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Residents of the other Western Balkan states, Serbia and North Macedonia, were more likely to shop online, at 38% and 34% respectively. However, 46% of Kosovars have made purchases online, more than in most southern EU Member States.

Looking at the data for 2019, the latest available for Albania, only 7% of Albanians have shopped online and 16% of people from Montenegro, the next country.

Among EU member states, the least likely to shop online were residents of its two poorest countries, Bulgaria (31%) and Romania (34%).

At the other extreme, the most likely to shop online were residents of the former EU member, the UK (90%), followed by the four Nordic states, where the share of online shoppers. line ranged from 84% to 89%.

Among new EU members, residents of Czechia (72%) and Estonia (68%) were the most likely to shop online.


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