Boris Johnson announcement – live: July 19 does not mean return to normal life


Boris Johnson warns lifting lockdown doesn’t mean life is getting back to normal

Boris Johnson said life could not return to normal after restrictions were lifted on July 19, warning: “This pandemic is not over.”

The removal of legal restrictions on social and economic life “should not be taken as an invitation for everyone to experience a great jubilee of freedom from any form of prudence or restraint,” Mr Johnson said at a press conference in Downing Street on Monday.

In a sharp change of tone from ministerial comments earlier this month, the Prime Minister urged Britons to be “careful” in using their new freedoms.

“We cannot just come back to life as it was before Covid,” he said. “This pandemic is not over. This disease continues to pose risks to you and your family.

Quoting Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam, Mr Johnson urged the British not to “tear their pants off” next week. And he repeated his own advice that people shouldn’t be “demob-happy” on July 19.

Earlier Monday, Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed that mandatory social distancing and face coverings will be removed in England from July 19 in the latest step in the government’s roadmap on coronavirus lockdown , the Health Secretary asking MPs: “If not now, when?” “

Meanwhile, The independent understands the testing and tracing service is ‘panicking’ as it scrambles to fill thousands of contact tracing vacancies ahead of a summer wave fearing to bring 100,000 cases per day, private companies Serco and Sitel being asked to recruit up to 7,000 new calls from the center without clinical training and at rates significantly lower than those laid off en masse in May.

It comes as scientists are sounding the alarm bells over increasing hospital admissions, with Professor Peter Openshaw, who sits on the government’s Nervtag advisory committee, warning that “we are all very concerned about the very rapid increase “in hospitalizations – now in the hundreds every day and, according to a Public Health England official, it could reach 3,000 a day if cases increase by government estimates.

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France makes Covid vaccine mandatory for health workers

All French health workers must receive their vaccines against Covid-19 before September 15, ordered President Emmanuel Macron.

In a televised address to the nation, the French president announced new rules requiring that anyone wishing to enter a restaurant, shopping center, cinema or board a train must present proof of vaccination or a negative test. .

Vaccinations would not be compulsory for the general public but encouraged, he added.

“We must go towards the vaccination of all French, it is the only way to a normal life,” urged Mr. Macron.

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Post-Covid ‘immune debt’ warning as babies are hospitalized with RSV virus typically seen in winter

Health experts have reported seeing increased numbers of young children and babies contracting respiratory disease as they warn the rise could be due to the lifting of restrictions on coronaviruses, written Danielle Zoellner.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a health advisory last month warning of the increase in the number of children who contract respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

RSV, which typically peaks during the winter months, can cause serious illness in five-year-old children and younger and older adults.

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Fears London will be hit hardest once Covid restrictions are lifted with half a million over 50 unvaccinated

Fears have been expressed that London could be hit the hardest once all Covid restrictions are lifted on July 19 due to the high number of over 50s in the capital who have not been vaccinated against Covid.

More than 20% of people over 50 in 16 of the 33 districts of the capital have not yet received a single dose of vaccine, written Samuel Lovett.

Amid rising rates across the city, there are a total of 554,620 Londoners in this age group who have not been vaccinated, meaning they are not protected against the highly transmissible Delta variant.

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FDA To Issue New Warning Regarding Rare Autoimmune Disease Developing From Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, Report Says

The FDA was due to issue a new warning regarding a rare autoimmune disease developing in people after receiving the single dose Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine, The Washington Post reports.

Guillain-Barre, the rare autoimmune disease, causes the immune system to attack nerves.

About 100 preliminary cases of Guillain-Barre have been detected in Americans after receiving one of the more than 12.8 million doses of Johnson & Johnson distributed according to the publication.

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You can’t save the economy without protecting people

In a week, we will finally come out of our 16-month confinement for wearing the mask.

It’s hardly surprising that many people are determined to celebrate as if it is the end of a war – VC (Victory over Covid) Day perhaps, instead of VE Day and VJ Day. of 1945. But in this case, the war is not more than, written Phil Thorton.

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Dutch PM apologizes for easing Covid restrictions too soon as cases rise

The Dutch Prime Minister has apologized for easing Covid restrictions after admitting his government acted prematurely amid a growing number of cases, written Tom Batchelor.

Mark Rutte said the lifting of the lockdown was the result of “bad judgment” and admitted that easing the rules “has proved impossible in practice”.

Coronavirus infections in the Netherlands peaked this year in recent days after the government decided to fully reopen bars, restaurants and nightclubs two weeks ago.

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Students should be notified in advance of 2022 exam topics after Covid disruption

Students should be informed in advance of exam subjects and a greater choice in certain GCSE subjects to compensate for the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic, written Zoe Tidman.

The government has proposed changes next summer, after official exams were canceled for two consecutive years due to the coronavirus.

Suggestions for next summer’s exams include giving students a choice of topics on which to answer the GCSE English Literature, History and Ancient History questions, as well as a choice of content for geography.

This would help “free up teaching time” and reduce pressure on students for subjects commonly taken by GCSE, the government said.

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The face covering “compulsory for parliamentary staff but not for deputies”

Parliamentary staff will have to wear masks after July 19, but MPs will not, reports the HuffPost UK.

A memo leaked to MPs by email says staff would be “forced” to use face coverings until Parliament heads for its summer recess next week.

However, MPs will only be “encouraged” to wear masks after the government lifts all Covid restrictions on July 19.

A staff member working in the palace told the website: “It is literally a rule for them …”

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Summer wave of coronavirus could lead to hundreds of daily deaths in weeks, officials warn

A summer wave of coronavirus could lead to hundreds of daily deaths in a matter of weeks, government officials have warned.

Government officials, after studying the modeling for the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), believe ending restrictions from next week could result in between 1,000 and 2,000 hospitalizations per day in a matter of weeks, with up to ‘to 200 deaths per day now probable. .

The scale and scale of infections, hospitalizations and deaths will depend on the public reaction to the relaxed measures from July 19, written Shaun Lintern.

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Next peak will be lower but NHS will still be under pressure, says Whitty

Professor Chris Whitty said experts were “cautious” in interpreting data regarding the risk to the NHS.

England’s chief medical officer said: “We cannot be as confident about this test as the others.

“But at this point, the modeling data and other data would imply that if we move slowly with the next stage of the roadmap, it is expected to not reach the point where it puts pressure. unsustainable on the NHS. “

He added that there was “no clear evidence” that a delay in reopening now would make a difference, but “what will make a difference goes slowly.”

Chris Whitty says next peak will be lower but NHS will still be under pressure

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