Center Suggests Online Shopping, Avoiding Travel Among Covid-19 Precautions Before Diwali, Eid | Indiafleurit


New Delhi / IBNS: States must strictly implement precautions to prevent the surge in coronavirus cases after the holiday season, the Center said in a notice on Saturday, listing measures such as encouraging online shopping and travel only to emergency situations.

The government has proposed measures such as:

  • Promote online celebration fashions, online shopping, and discourage unnecessary travel.
  • Strictly follow Covid guidelines during festival celebrations.
  • No mass gatherings in containment areas and districts where more than 5% of tests come back positive.
  • The state government should issue instructions well in advance.
  • Gatherings permitted with prior permission and a limited number of participants should be closely supervised.
  • Guidelines for shopping malls, local markets and places of worship should be strictly followed.
  • Follow Five Pillars of Covid Management – Test, Track, Treat, Vaccinate and Track Behaviors Appropriate to Covid.
  • District authorities should closely monitor the trajectory of cases.

The guidelines were released ahead of major festivals like Diwali and Eid next month to warn states and provide them with workable solutions to prevent Covid-19 cases from soaring.

Many countries such as Russia, the UK and China have seen a massive increase in coronavirus cases, forcing authorities in those countries to close schools and impose new lockdowns.


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