Chatbot Disrupts Ecommerce Industry With New Chatbot App For The Shopify App Store That Supports 24/7 Customers


Chatty is revolutionizing the way ecommerce businesses build their brand with intelligent, automated conversations that support and engage customers around the clock.

Chatbot saw the need for a smarter, more advanced AI-powered chatbot app in the ecommerce marketplace. Our team of engineers got down to work.

– David Brown, co-founder of Bavard and senior software and NLP engineer

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, United States, September 28, 2021 / – Bavard, a Utah-based tech startup disrupting the conversational chatbot market, today announced its new chatbot app for the ‘Shopify App Store which offers automated support experiences using AI and rules-based methods. Bavard’s advanced bots help businesses generate leads, research products, offer discounts, and increase overall sales with very little effort.

While customer and sales support can be expensive, it is essential to retain customers and maintain a brand’s reputation. Chatbots provide faster responses to customer inquiries than human agents, which ultimately is what matters most to customers. Chatbots Chatbots have advanced capabilities and can not only help with simple tasks such as checking an order status, canceling an order or finding products, but can also respond to more complex tasks such as recognizing users who come back and offer loyalty discounts, answer FAQs using AI, and search a knowledge base for information. And, any conversation can be forwarded to a human support agent at any time for an even more personal experience.

“Talkative saw the need for a smarter, more advanced AI-powered chatbot app in the e-commerce marketplace. So our engineering team got to work, ”said David Brown, Co-Founder and Chief Engineer at Bavard. “Our customer support automation platform uses machine learning to facilitate impressive interactions for end users and our seamless and fast integrations with retail platforms such as Shopify give e-commerce customers a suite of simple and complex customer engagements ranging from order status inquiries and product recommendations to the returning customer.

With the Chatty app for the Shopify App Store, all conversations are recorded and analytics reports are produced, providing detailed and actionable information such as:
• Number of conversations
• Average duration and duration
• Histograms of user intentions
• User sentiment
• Chatbot actions
• Form metrics
• And more.

Based on user messages that a chatbot didn’t understand, Chatbot can automatically make relevant suggestions to improve the performance of the next interaction. Conversation analysis gives businesses a high-level view of their customers, which helps them identify the most common issues they face and areas to focus on to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. .

Installation is quick and easy. To get started with the Chatbot Chatbot for the Shopify App Store, users simply install the app on their store and complete the setup wizard to publish. After posting, a script is automatically added to the user’s Shopify store, which loads the chatbot that customers can interact with.

At Bavard, we are passionate about developing the most sophisticated chatbots on the market to help your business do their business better. Founded in July 2020, Bavard is growing rapidly. Together, we are building a platform for interactive commerce and conversational AI. Conversations are better with Bavard.

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See a Talkative chatbot in action on a sample Shopify site.


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