College Football Playoffs See Las Vegas, Miami As Future Host Cities For Championship Game


INDIANAPOLIS – The College Football Playoff is considering Las Vegas and Miami as future host cities for the national championship, sources told ESPN on Friday.

The CFP are currently completing their eighth season of a 12-year contract, which runs until the 2025 season, and have yet to determine where the domestic championship game will be in the past two years.

The 2023 national title game is on January 9 in Los Angeles, California, followed by Houston on January 8, 2024.

CFP executive director Bill Hancock declined to talk about specific cities, but told ESPN this week that determining future venues was part of ongoing discussions over playoff expansion. The CFP management committee, made up of the 10 FBS commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick, is expected to meet here in person on Saturday to continue trying to reach consensus on an expanded format in time for it to be able to meet. change by season 2024.

“Once the CFP format is finalized for these years, the management committee will confirm the match dates and then we will discuss with potential host cities what a host’s expectations are,” Hancock said on Friday. “Then we will select the host cities. We will let you know when we have something to report. “


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