Coronavirus (COVID-19): Daily data for Scotland


Public Health Scotland Weekly Statistical Report

Public Health Scotland publishes a weekly statistical report that presents data on COVID-19 across NHSScotland. In addition to providing information on confirmed cases of COVID-19 and hospital admissions, it examines some of the virus’s broader impacts on the healthcare system, including trends in use related to COVID-19 other NHS services such as NHS24 and Scottish Ambulance. A service. It also presents statistics on Test and Protect and quarantine and the demographics (age, gender, deprivation) of those affected by COVID-19. Weekly reports and associated interactive dashboards are available on the Public Health Scotland website.

COVID-19: modeling the epidemic in Scotland

The Scottish government, like other governments around the world, is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. A key part of this response is to model the potential spread and level of the virus in Scotland, and compare the Scottish experience to other parts of the UK and other countries around the world. The results of this work are being used to help the Scottish Government and the wider public sector, and in particular the health services, to plan and put in place what is necessary to keep us safe and to treat those infected with the virus, for example to decide the number of intensive care. Beds (ICUs) we need for COVID patients. Modeling reports are available on the Coronavirus (COVID-19): modeling of the epidemic publications page

Scottish Government COVID-19 Four Damage Scoreboard

The Scottish Government publishes a dashboard that brings together data and evidence on the wider impacts of COVID-19. These are called the four harms of COVID-19:

  • direct impact on health
  • broader health impacts
  • societal impacts
  • economic impacts

It is updated every Monday.

Isolate and support data

We publish a monthly summary of management information provided by local authorities on supporting self-isolation and those who need it most during the coronavirus pandemic.

ONS investigation into COVID-19 infections

The Scottish results of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) COVID-19 infection survey are published on the Scottish government website, and on the ONS website as well as the results for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The survey aims to establish:

  • how many people test positive for COVID-19 infection at any given time, whether or not they report having symptoms of coronavirus (estimates first released on October 23)
  • the number of people who test positive for antibodies, to indicate how many people are likely to have contracted the infection or have been vaccinated
  • the average number of new infections per week during the study

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