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The Central Marion Area School Board announced this week that it will post the current quarantine and positive case counts on the district’s website.

As of Monday evening, the district had 19 students / staff in quarantine and four known positive cases, one student and three staff.

“We are following… the quarantine rules like we did last year,” said Clint Weimer, superintendent. “Our nursing department is doing a great job, as usual, tracking quarantines and our positive people and following Ministry of Health guidelines. We take it day by day and do our best with it.

Weimer said the district will continue to keep everyone in the know and start posting daily updates to the website to track total quarantines and positive cases.

“We are raising this issue because what we will not do is provide automated call updates in a consistent manner,” said Chairman of the Board, Gregg Sacco. “We can alert people in that direction, but this is where any new information will be found in the data path.”

Weimer agreed that overwhelming robocalls won’t be the method for updates.

“We’re going to send out a call to let all parents know where they can access this resource if they want to, but we’re not going to call every time we have a positive case in the district… that information will be on our website. . “

The board also heard from Brigette Matson, new executive director of ARIN’s mid-unit. Matson gave an overview of the departments within the IU and what they offer to the districts as well as the programs that the IU hopes to make available.

Matson said his role is to be a “liaison between the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the superintendents.” I try to provide them with information in a timely manner.

“We are looking at expanding some career awareness and job matching opportunities in the region,” Matson added. “We are partnering with the IUP and trying to work on some things to maybe provide families that they may never have had a college student to help them through the process, from the request for filling the FASFA. “

The goal of this effort is to help families and students find career options and avenues while planning for their future.

In other news, the tip:

  • 2021 District Volunteer List Approval.
  • Approved agreement with Westmoreland County Community College.
  • Signing of a renewed agreement with Armstrong Security & Investigations LLC.
  • Hired Ciara Williams as a long-term teaching replacement.
  • Hired Megan Shoop as a teaching assistant.
  • Hired Morgan Timblin as custodian at the starting rate specified in the MCAESP contract.
  • Accepted the resignation of Sabrina Sandoval.
  • Awarded an above-average overall rating to Mr. Clint Weimer for the 2020-21 contract year.
  • Added Yiva Leasure as a volunteer trainer.

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