Elden Ring Stats, Attributes & Max Level Explained – what to level first


Considering we’re a role-playing website, it’s perhaps not that surprising that we like Statistics. Ring of Elden at character statsalso known as attributes, shovel. And that’s a damn good thing.

Part of the beauty of the action-RPG style that Elden Ring developer FromSoftware has popularized is that it’s very open-ended. This is true in the story and the quests, which are so obtuse that we advise you to keep reading notes, but also in the stat system, which gives you the freedom to create the character style you like.

You’ll be guided a bit by your starting class choice, which will steer you toward a specific playstyle. If you spec in a way you don’t like, you’ll also unlock the option to reset and respec your character later in the game. But you won’t have to if you make informed decisions – c is the subject of this page, explaining attribute stats and level cap in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Stats Explained: What Each Higher Level Attribute Governs

In Elden Ring, your main character is made up of eight different character attributes, or stats – and these eight govern all of the other stats you have, dealing with things like your attack, defense, health, susceptibility to certain effects of status, and even what gear you can equip.

Each attribute impacts a different part of your character – so, for example, Vigor governs your HP, i.e. your health. It gets pretty complicated, though, so let’s quickly run through each of the stats and what they do:


  • Determines how much HP you have.
  • Increases your immunity, which determines your resistance to poison and rot.
  • Also increases fire resistance.


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  • Determines your FP, the blue meter that is used to cast magic, incantations, and Spirit Ashes of War Summons.
  • Also impacts Concentration, which determines your resistance to sleep and madness.


  • Determines how much stamina you have, which is used for attacking, sprinting, etc.
  • Allows you to carry more gear and use heavier gear by increasing your maximum gear load
  • Also determines toughness, which helps you resist frostbite and blood loss status effects.


  • Many heavier weapons even require a specific defense stat to equip.
  • Several weapon types have their attack power scaled by your Strength stat.
  • Also increases your physical defense properties.


  • More advanced weapons require certain Dexterity stats to equip and use.
  • Additionally, some of these weapons will have attack power boosted by your Dexterity stat.
  • For Mages, Dexterity reduces spell casting time.
  • It also makes you a bit more survivable, reducing fall damage and making it harder for you to be knocked off Torrent, your horse.


  • A magic-based stat for the most part; many Glintstone sorcery items can only be equipped with a required intelligence stat.
  • Intelligence also increases the magical power of many related sorceries.
  • And as a master of magic, the Intelligence stat also increases magic defenses and resistance.


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  • The god-fearing attribute Faith is a counterpart of Intelligence which relates to Incantations, another type of magic.
  • Many spells have their power scale relative to your Faith stat.


  • A fairly vague stat, Arcane increases your defense against holy elemental attacks and your resistance to death – the instant death status disease, not the concept.
  • It can also increase the power of certain sorceries and incantations, as the last of the magic-focused stats.

The exact stats you choose to upgrade are ultimately up to you – but you’ll want to consider what gear you currently have and think about what you want your character to play in the feature.

While you can be a jack-of-all-trades, to get the best results in Elden Ring you should seriously consider focusing on specific areas of your character growth. If you’re all about melee attacks, for example, you’ll probably want a lot of points in Vigor, to give you lots of HP and strength, stamina, or dexterity, depending on what weapons you’re using. Magic users will always want a lot of FP, which means a lot of points will be pumped into the spirit – and so on.

There is no wrong answer; experiment and have fun. Don’t forget that if everything goes wrong, you can just go get a respec!

What is the maximum level in Elden Ring?

Melina helps you level up in Elden Ring - but there's no limit to how high you can go.

One stat you can’t choose or reset is your character’s level; it starts at one number when opening the game and increases, one by one, as you spend runes to improve the eight main stats listed above.

Many RPGs have a level cap, which is probably why some of you have been asking what Elden Ring’s max character level is – but this game isn’t like that. Elden Ring does not have a maximum character level, but there are maximum character attribute levels.

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For the record, the maximum number of points that can be put in each of the attributes of your Terni is 99. Which, by the way, is practically impossible to achieve.

Beyond that, however, there is no maximum character level, or “soul” level, as it was called in previous games. This number may continue to increase – probably forever. We’re well into the triple digits in our games – and that’s without starting New Game Plus!

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