Entreprenista and Shopify help women grow their e-commerce business


Entrepreneur, a full-service media company dedicated to empowering women, works with a leading global trade company, Shopify, Present Entrepreneur on Shopify, a collaboration that allows every woman to develop an e-commerce business with ease and with dedicated support!

Women’s participation in the labor market has hit a 33-year low this year, although the same thing happened after the 2008-09 recession, when women-owned businesses were massive job creators and stabilizers of the economy. “Women are resilient,” said Jennifer Sales, Chief Operating Officer of Entreprenista. “Having been the source of most of the job losses in the United States since the start of the pandemic, we see many turning to entrepreneurship to turn the tide. The Entreprenista program on Shopify aims to support these women, providing them with the tools, skills and community they need to start and grow a business, and take ownership of their careers.

“Whether you’re launching their first e-commerce store or have had one in years, this collaboration is for women entrepreneurs around the world,” said Stephanie Cartin, CEO of Entreprenista. “Members will get the best of both worlds by leveraging the Entreprenista network and community, while learning the ins and outs of e-commerce from the experts at Shopify. It’s an exciting way for us to help women grow their e-commerce business with first-hand information and support from those who know best.

The collaboration includes virtual events designed to create meaningful connections with female business leaders from around the world. Events will be hosted by successful women entrepreneurs including Michelle Grant, Founder and CEO of Lively, Kristen Tomlan, Founder of DO Cookie Dough, Stephanie Cartin, Courtney Spritzer and many more, alongside members of the Shopify team. , social media marketers, clients, acquisition specialists, and experts in sourcing, merchandising, shipping and supply. Event attendees will have the opportunity to win fun giveaways, free The Entreprenista League membership, and free store building grants from Shopify Commerce Award winner, TVP.

“In order to improve commerce for everyone, we know the importance of empowering entrepreneurs to succeed,” said Alli Burg, Partnerships at Shopify. “We know that opportunities are not distributed evenly and Shopify is working to change that. Our goal is to offer anyone with a dream the opportunity to start a business and make opportunities available to entrepreneurs who thought they didn’t have one. We are delighted to join forces with those of Entreprenista in order to be able to offer this opportunity to more women who wish to start their entrepreneurial adventure.


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