Fish and chip shops go bankrupt – your views online

The price of fish and chip production is pushing many chippies out of business

People were used to fries being a relatively cheap meal. However, they are now paying for overpriced pizza and Chinese takeout. Much better with a fish supper.

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It’s a simple story of changing times……today’s society has too many options.

I wonder when the first commercial air fryer will appear.

No chance. Three quarters of the population should learn to cook.

Never seen cod in a Scottish chippy, always cheap whiting or haddock. Go to a Yorkshire chippy and you can have a choice of fish – and they don’t count chips, so you get a good portion for a five.

If people can’t afford to heat their own homes, a fish supper will be the last thing they buy.

So, Brexit then? You can say it, even if our conservative masters don’t want it.

Sorry, too expensive. It’s a luxury now, not a weekly event.

Pierinos in Leith and Italian in Portobello are always top quality.

I thought Brexit was going to make everything cheaper, including fish!

Not just an increase in costs, but a change in culture, with many different restaurants and fast food outlets.

Fish supper at my local here in Kirkcaldy is £6 and you get two decent sized fish and loads of chips.

Edinburgh-born Sarah Smith, the BBC’s former Scotland editor, has expressed relief at leaving the “bile and hate” of Scottish politics for a new role in the United States.

She has made a fine career for herself. Well done Sara.

Sad miss for Scotland. Great journalist. Good luck.

Not as much relief as the rest of us for her leaving! Horrible reporter and one of the most biased we’ve had here in a long time!

If Sarah hasn’t noticed the “bile and hate” of American politics, she shouldn’t be a journalist…

She’s not wrong. Salmond and Sturgeon have brought and stoked division and hatred in Scotland for years.

Politics in Scotland has been toxic for many years and we all know the reason why it happened – caused by a party that has spawned hatred and division since moving to Holyrood.

I don’t think she can claim to have been an impartial and informed journalist on Scottish affairs, but it is a pity that she has been reviled to the point that she is glad to leave her homeland.

Of course, it will be better in America!

It’s shocking that a talented journalist has been essentially driven out of Scotland by a vile group of eccentric, unread, separatist keyboard warriors.

Seriously? She has guts! Her late father John would be appalled at the way she performed in the political arena. Incapable of impartiality, it frequently let the ‘bile’ of trade unionists like Ruth Davidson, Willie Rennie and Cole-Hamilton etc. gush out, but ignored any voice of reason from other parties like the SNP and the Greens. Politics in the United States is no different, especially after Trump incited riots there. I doubt she’ll last long there.

She is the author of her own downfall in terms of respect for the electorate. His reporting was obviously partisan. It is normal that she uses her departure to throw mud on the independence movement.

Clearly the bulk of the bile and hatred came from nationalist bellies. It was an extremely unpleasant time to be on the streets vigorously campaigning for Scotland to become one with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Fear of repetition is a good reason not to repeat the exercise. The divisive mood in Scotland has not improved.

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