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  • In the north, an AI boom: Continuing TechCrunch’s coverage of the rapid-fire AI fundraising market, we explored the Canadian artificial intelligence startup industry. There’s a lot more going on in the north than you might think. See this as further proof of the increasingly global startup landscape.
  • France is preparing to write off Wish: Similar to an American non-profit newsroom, France decided to test their concerns about the Wish e-commerce marketplace by buying products and checking out what they got. A bunch of violations, it turns out. France is now asking search engines and app stores to remove the US public company from the list.
  • Attio attacks Salesforce: While startups are busy attacking a multitude of markets, some areas of the software realm have felt too inaccessible in recent years. Research is finally seeing a wave of competitors, for example. Attio, now with $ 7.7 million in capital, is tackling the old-fashioned CRM market.

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  • Asilimia wants to bring more loans to Kenya: The business of lending money to people who are not supported by the traditional banking world is big business. Asilimia has just raised $ 2 million – half debt, half equity – to keep money flowing in its domestic market. According to TechCrunch reports, the company is also offering “a lifeline for merchants in Kenya by enabling them to conduct mobile money transactions without transfer fees through its Leja app.”
  • OnePipe raises $ 3.5 million for its API fintech business: Plaid is a big deal in its home market, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t related startups doing similar work around the world. OnePipe is one such company, bringing fintech infrastructure APIs to Africa. And now he has a bunch of new funds to continue his work.
  • Ok * now * the used car market is out of control: If you read business news, you’ve heard of the used car market. A shortage of chips has made used cars more expensive than ever. And now Indian startup Spinny has moved to unicorn territory with a new round of $ 280 million. There are related companies in the US market that have gone public, so Spinny operates in a market that we understand. Let’s see how its economy is confirmed.
  • Clothes for a dark future: If you want jackets for big storms and a fleece for extreme conditions – bet climate change is going to make our home planet a little less pleasant to live in – Vollebak has your back. The startup has just launched a Series A, probably, we’re guessing, in the hopes of keeping up with Allbirds and other recent DTC debuts in public markets.
  • Today, in the names of startups, we are not sure of: I have never been very keen on calling meat fat “marbled” – for me, marble is the material for erotic sculptures of the old world. I blame my parents’ love for art and art museums for this view. Either way, there is a startup called Juicy Marbles hoping to create “plant-based whole cuts of meat.” I support the product and the goals of the company. But Juicy Marbles? There, I am less confident.

Dear Sophie: How long does the parole of an international entrepreneur last?

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Dear Sophie,

My co-founders and I believe we may be eligible for International Entrepreneurial Parole.

How long does it take to get approval from the IEP? How does this compare to other options available to startup founders, and can my spouse work?

– COO engaged

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