Google’s crawl statistics report is missing some data


If you look at your crawl statistics report in Google Search Console, you may notice a gap in the report. Yes, there is a day of missing data or some reporting issue impacting the report. This report issue has not yet been confirmed by Google, but it is a widespread issue that is most likely a bug with the report.

What did he look like. Here is a GIF I did of this missing day, you can see that this report is missing Tuesday February 8th. Others are reporting February 9 missing, but I think it depends on your local time zone?

Crawl statistics report. The Google Search Console Crawl Stats report shows statistics about Google’s crawling history on your website. For example, how many requests were made and when, how your server responded, and any availability issues you encountered. You can use this report to detect if Google is having service issues while crawling your site, Google said.

You can access the report this way.

Story. This has come before, when this specific crawl statistics report was missing a few days of data. Google corrected the report a day later, or maybe the data itself corrected the report a day later.

Report problem only. It is likely that this is just a reporting issue that will resolve in the next few days. I wouldn’t worry whether or not this is a sign of Googlebot crawling issues. This is likely an issue with the crawl stats report itself.

Why we care. You may notice this lack of data in your report and become concerned. There is no need to worry, everyone sees this lack of data. This appears to be a widespread reporting issue affecting anyone trying to check their crawl stats report. Give it a few days and come back later, but I doubt it impacted your crawling, indexing, or Google search rankings.

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