Grammys banned sharing of streaming stats, other milestones


The Recording Academy has banned the use of streaming stats, chart positions, and all other hard-earned milestones in Grammy “For Your Consideration” campaigns.

The new revised rules and guidelines for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards:

“FYC communications cannot include card numbers, flow number, sales numbers or RIAA awards. “

The goal of the new Grammy rules is to focus on the music rather than a level of achievement. But the move complicates efforts by labels and publicists to educate the Academy’s various voting members about the impact of a particular artist or track.

According to pages 22 and 23 of rules:

“FYC’s marketing communications include, but are not limited to, email, mailings, invitations, social media, websites and print advertisements. Such communications are prohibited unless they include an opt-out option.

“Members or their designated publicists are limited to promoting only their own recordings. There will be no lobbying on behalf of other members.

FYC communication can include:
• work of art related to the product under study
• Brief, no-frills descriptions of the recording or creators
• Copies or links to the product
• Links to websites promoting qualifying recordings
• Link to the Recording Academy website where voting and solicitation guidelines are posted
• Lists of creators who worked on the recording
• Reference to nominations, once nominations have been announced. List categories by full name
• Reference to the Grammy Award with appropriate trademarks. Reference can only be made by name. The use of the logo is prohibited.

FYC communication can not:
• Shed negative or pejorative light on a competing recording. Any tactic that distinguishes the “contest” by name or title is not permitted.
• To exaggerate or overestimate the merits of the music, of an achievement or of an individual
• Introduce nominees by invitation as host, moderator or special guest
• Include any marks, logos or other marks of the Recording Academy protected information. Use of the logo is reserved for sponsors or paying partners of the Recording Academy
• Include entry list numbers or category numbers
• Include chart numbers, flow number, sales numbers or RIAA awards
• Include personal signatures, personal greetings or personal calls to listen to eligible recordings
• Distort the honors or awards, past or present, received either by the recording or by the people involved in the production
• Reference the year or broadcast number (ie 2021 or 64th Grammy Awards)


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