Grow Your Ecommerce Empire With This $ 25 Shopify Bundle


If you are selling something online, it might seem like you only have one pipeline. Amazon has made streamlining the process for buyers a science, but there are several routes to your customers. In fact, the more you have, the better.

With that in mind, any startup is missing if they don’t give Shopify a look. Take it from over a million sellers who have set up an exchange – this is a service entirely focused on making things easier for its merchants, regardless of their market.

This is why you will want to give the Complete set of Shopify store building courses have a look if you want to start things off on the right foot. Anyone can open a store in minutes using the intuitive interface, but this look at Shopify from an entrepreneur’s perspective shows you how to get the most out of that account.

Many of us are just dipping our toes into ecommerce in the wake of 2020, and there are some introductory courses designed just for that. Even if you’ve never opened an online store before, you’ll get a walkthrough to make sure all the basics are covered, from good SEO to how best to promote your product.

You don’t have a product? No problem. Shopify offers robust support for dropshipping setups, and you’ll learn how to make money taking and shipping orders to other sellers. If you are starting your own fashion empire, there is a dedicated course that teaches you how to market handmade clothes on all the right social media services. Once everything is up and running, you’ll learn how to add Shopify apps to your account, which will allow you to expand your reach and get customers to that “buy now” button faster.

There is 48 hours of training in the full pack, and PCMag readers can get it all today for $ 24.99, 98% off the original MSRP.

Prices subject to change.

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