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Scurri CEO and delivery management expert Rory O’Connor have said UK Main Street could face a tough Christmas time. He noted that shortages of goods due to the decrease in the number of heavy truck drivers will deter some shoppers from visiting the store. In an interview with Express.co.uk, he said that to avoid disappointment in store, shoppers can opt for online shopping entirely.

Mr O’Connor said: “Since the opening of Main Street, we have seen a drop in online shopping.

“This is when we come back somewhat to normality.

“But I think overall there has been a drastic change in terms of people who may never have bought online before experienced it during the coronavirus lockdowns.

“Now that they’re back in the stores, once you see shortages, online opportunities give you better access to supplies.

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“What I’m saying is if you go to your local store and it’s not there, when you go online you can probably search multiple locations for the product you want.

“What we will continue to see are increases in the online world.

“It probably won’t be where it was last year.

“But I think e-commerce situations are suitable for those who are electronically and digitally activated, but also for the older generation.

He said: “I think the driver shortage will play a big part in the Christmas season.

“What I think is going to be difficult is the situation in China, factories, factories idle have caused supply chain problems.

“The fallout from the blockade of the Suez Canal continues to creep up the supply chain.

“There could be potential shortages of electronic devices.

“Many orders from retailers are not going to arrive on time, so I think there will be shortages in all areas of retail.”

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