Host your own live shopping event and earn money from the comfort of your own home


The average per capita spending on fashion in the UAE is estimated at $ 500 by McKinsey.
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Hosting a shopping event live from your kitchen table seems like an easy way to earn some extra cash. And the popularity of these local live shopping shows has exploded around the world.

The entertainment value of seeing neighbors peddling handmade jewelry, home decor, antiques, or flea market finds keeps potential buyers hooked.

What is direct shopping?

Buying habits have changed dramatically, especially with the rise of e-commerce options. So what is live shopping and how does it work in the age of digital channels and social media?

The idea is very similar to home shopping channels, where a presenter talks about different products by giving detailed descriptions, presenting its features and explaining its price, where viewers interested in purchasing the product can simply pick up the phone and call the channel to make the purchase. .

The main difference now is that the medium is no longer the television but rather the smartphone; communication is two-way and interactive; and hosts are social media influencers. According to statistics, direct shopping generated $ 60 billion (Dh 235 billion) in global sales a year earlier.

Home shopping is a trend now

The sale of women’s clothing and accessories, including handbags, at live shopping events on global online platforms is currently a rapidly growing trend around the world.


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Many have converted their living room and dining room into a boutique space, hosting live events perhaps two to three times a week. While building its online network on social networks.

One social media group in particular has over 15,000 members and serves as a platform for around 300 live sellers to help buyers over a period of more than five years.

Out of this group, some people just post articles for sale, but the vast majority of them do hour-long Lives. Salespeople are scheduled in fixed time slots each week, just like a TV show.

Many of those who have made money from this shoot for a 24 hour live streaming service. Most of them also receive a small fee and provide training for salespeople on how to grow their audience. and increase sales.


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So how does online shopping in the United Arab Emirates work?

Live shopping events, typically 45-60 minutes long, are currently held on online store platforms using live streaming. An influencer or expert from the company presents the products and consumers have the option to add them directly to their cart and purchase them during the event.

Consumers also have the option to communicate with the influencer or expert on the live chat, creating a personalized and interactive event and increasing conversion and add-to-cart rates.

Cosmetics and fashion companies were the first to embrace the concept in the UAE, but experts are assessing how quickly the trend is spreading to other areas, such as car retail and real estate. and home businesses.

Go live now, rebroadcast later

Pinkey Stewart, based in the United States, is a newcomer to organizing online shopping events. She has been making jewelry by hand for about six years. Stewart launched his website in 2019 and began hosting live shopping events in late 2020, when the world was rocked by the pandemic.

How are the shopping events carried out?

“It depends,” she admits. “It’s so watered down now” as more and more social networks compete for user attention. She has had live broadcasts with only two or three viewers at a time, but often more people watch the reruns, which stay online and can be viewed at the viewer’s convenience.

However, the shows build a relationship with the viewer, she says, and that builds trust.


Keep an eye on good buys: You can start selling online by buying a few hundred dollars (Dh400-800) in inventory, or less, sellers explain.

Have an eye for good purchases

You can start selling online by buying just a few hundred dollars (Dh400-800) of inventory, or less, sellers explain.

At the start of your first year, experts estimate that if you can make $ 10,000 (Dh36,732), you are doing just fine. But don’t quit your daily job early, they add.

Many of these businesses were built on resale inventory bought by second-hand shops at flea markets, thrift stores, and the like. You need to be mindful of finding bargains and the prices of items for sale, experts add.

Expert advice to get started

Subject matter experts further warn new sellers to avoid overheads, such as having a physical location. Doing shopping events live from your home is a low risk way to start.

Here are some tips offered by experienced sellers of live broadcast events:

• Rate shipping services online. Customers these days expect low cost and preferably free delivery.

• Check your technology. Let’s say you are streaming video using your computer and you notice some cosmetic issues. You may then need to start using a smartphone with built-in lighting to get a better appearance.


Consider flea sales for in-person opportunities to sell merchandise, gain visibility for you and your products, and get real-time feedback from potential customers.

• Think about flea sales for in-person opportunities to sell merchandise, gain visibility for you and your products, and get real-time feedback from potential customers.

• Explore supplier lounges online. These virtual supplier events are often linked to a regional or national conference or trade fair in most countries of the world.

The logic is simple: people buy from who they like. The expectation can be that you will jump out the door with a large amount of sales, and that doesn’t always happen.

Key to take away

The acceleration of digital changes in recent years has seen the emergence of many trends in the technology and online space. While some have proven to be revolutionary, others less so and end up crumbling once they lose their original charm.

This is now one of the tests for today’s micro-retailers or home businesses – being able to take the clutter and noise out of every available technology at your fingertips and use that. that best suits their business.


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