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Hong Kong, China – (ReleaseWire) – 12/09/2021 – In an attempt to address the inherent issues of dropshipping (closed loop of inefficient orders, incompetent suppliers, supply chain gaps) to deliver more web traffic and buy-back rate, top ecommerce builder AllValue has partnered with CJDropshipping to develop practical solutions to some of these issues entrepreneurs and other ecommerce brands may face when trying to adopt. the dropshipping model.

This partnership attempts to leverage CJDropshipping’s supply chain dominance alongside AllValue’s mobile-first e-commerce features and marketing tool prowess so that e-commerce brands can fully exploit the potential. dropshipping.

AllValue and CJDropshipping: who are they?
With a mandate to create value for e-commerce brands, the Youzan Group has developed its AllValue software-as-a-service platform to ensure the growth of global and local brands with its one-of-a-kind e-commerce builder. . The AllValue SaaS platform does it all from empowering anyone to build an eCommerce website and providing them with functional mobile-focused stores, free website templates, sales analytics, integrated marketing tools. , all to drive sales and drive brand growth.

The other party, CJDropshipping, was formed in 2014 by Andy Chou to provide a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs and e-commerce brands looking to get into dropshipping. Over time, he has integrated a myriad of dropshipping services: order fulfillment, inventory management, sourcing, warehousing, etc., to ensure that not only entrepreneurs are successful, but that they can focus their energies on the market. brand expansion.

The alliance between these two groups is a welcome development that would make the most of e-commerce logistics and marketing to drive the growth of e-commerce entrepreneurs and brands.

How do these two e-commerce giants cooperate?
Leveraging the vast resources and infrastructure possessed by both companies (AllValue and CJDropshipping), these groups have come together to create an end-to-end ecommerce solution that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to start dropshipping in no time. .

The two entities collaborate in product sourcing, ecommerce site building, integrated marketing and fulfillment, all of which can be controlled from one hub in a 3-step closed order loop that we can briefly summarize as follows;
1. Sourcing products from CJDropshipping
2. Display of products on AllValue mobile stores
3.Promote products using AllValue’s integrated marketing tool (eg group buying to harness the potential of social commerce)

What does strategic cooperation consist of?
Clearly, dropshipping issues are limited to supply chain, logistics, and decentralization. For many brands and eCommerce entrepreneurs, these often constitute barriers to entry or even losses for these players in this very competitive niche.

Therefore, the alliance between AllValue and CJDropshipping is changing the status quo in the dropshipping model on several levels. For starters, entrepreneurs can leverage CJDropshipping’s strong supply chain to get the best vetted suppliers who are used to filling orders on the best possible terms and on time. Additionally, the platform’s integration with AllValue now provides one-click store authorization, making it easy for store owners to make critical sales decisions in real time.

The summary of the AllValue and CJDropshipping alliance involves the system integration of the platforms of these two players to deliver seamless e-commerce experiences in all aspects (tracking sync, store authorization, product login, etc.) .

Importance of AllValue and CJDropshipping cooperation.
The alliance between AllValue and CJDropshipping brings a lot to be desired for e-commerce players, especially in terms of mobile marketing and social media, and we can consider them from the following perspectives.

1. It makes the whole dropshipping process easier: Entrepreneurs no longer have to waste long hours going through the order fulfillment process. On the contrary, they can spend the saved time on marketing and brand expansion.

2. Streamline the supply chain: From manufacturer to end consumer, items no longer have to be stuck in the endless bottlenecks common with dropshipping.

3. Improve Profit Margins: The combination of a streamlined supply chain and integrated marketing helps increase sales and profit margins through customer retention and higher redemption rates. AllValue’s mobile optimized SEO optimized stores and their variety of website designs are invaluable to the growth of dropshipping ecommerce.

4. Scalability: Successfully overcoming the dropshipping barriers provided by extreme mobile and social media marketing allows brands and ecommerce entrepreneurs to grow long term and allows them to focus on expanding their business. brand because they can now handle more orders without getting overwhelmed.

Supply chain issues and incompetent suppliers are just a few of the issues that plague the dropshipping segment for years without any practical solutions. The alliance between ecommerce builder AllValue and CJDropshipping attempts to address these issues by providing a robust solution. An end-to-end e-commerce solution that merges the best of both platforms to help drive sales and drive brand growth.

About AllValue
AllValue is ecommerce software that handles the intricacies of ecommerce, whether through the conventional model or dropshipping. More importantly, their different solutions are adaptable to various use cases, making alliances like the one with CJDropshipping possible.

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About CJDropshipping
CJDropshipping is one of the leading e-commerce drop shipping service providers across the world. Its services aim to help small businesses ship worldwide more easily, including pre-order inventory, order fulfillment, product sourcing, global warehouses, quality inspection, efficient delivery, etc. For more information, please visit:

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