How is Belfast taking advantage of the thriving e-commerce and online entertainment industries?


It is estimated that around 20% of the world’s population purchased goods or services online in the last year, and this figure is expected to increase dramatically over the next decade. Businesses must adapt to the growing influence of the Internet and expand their operations into an online environment. Otherwise, they risk sinking. Fortunately, Belfast-based businesses have evolved and adapted well to the modern way of doing things. Today, e-commerce and online entertainment both thrive in the city.

Belfast shoppers can get everything from fashion to food

It has never been easier to support local businesses in Belfast while enjoying the ease and convenience of shopping online. Many of the city’s high street retailers have changed their marketing strategies and started including online shopping as an option.

When it comes to fashion, shoppers can find all of their favorite clothes and shoes online. SS Moore Sport, Robinson’s Shoes and Skechers all have sites in town that allow consumers to order items for delivery. Jewelry can even be purchased from Northern Ireland’s leading gold and diamond dealers, Lunn’s Jewelers.

Food and beverage companies in the region have jumped on the growing trend of people wanting their favorite things delivered to their homes or offices. Belfast Coffee is one of several cafes that now provide freshly ground and roasted beans for those in need of a dose of caffeine in the city. There are even some unique delicacies that people can now order from home. For example, Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen is full of local delicacies. You can even get baskets full of cheese, bread, and jam. Who has to leave the house?

Online entertainment companies targeting this dynamic industry

Not only do people want to buy things from home, but they also want to be entertained in an online setting. Some of the biggest game providers in the world have targeted residents of the city and surrounding areas, knowing that there is a thriving online market. For example, there are so many online casino players in Ireland that sites have been set up to help players find the best bonuses. Players simply browse the list until they find an online casino that interests them.

Other forms of entertainment that previously only existed in physical environments are now also carried online. Many nightlife venues around Belfast offer live streaming so people can enjoy music, comedy and theater from the comfort of their own homes. There are also magazines that have started producing their own options online. Take 2, for example, offers listeners traditional folk music at home. In addition to being able to watch live performances, viewers can revisit past shows.

Rather than being left behind by the boom in e-commerce and online entertainment, businesses in Belfast have embraced it. City dwellers should take advantage of this increase as it becomes easier than ever to purchase goods and services from home.

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