How to increase the reach of your e-commerce brand


As the owner of an ecommerce business, it’s up to you to market your brand and what it has to offer. The goal is to put it in front of the good eyes (your potential and current customers).

However, this is something that many companies struggle with. To put it simply, there are many rivals and it becomes very difficult to stand out and really reach more people than others.

The first step, and one of the most important, is to improve the reach of your brand if you really want to dominate the marketing game and increase sales afterwards. Let’s see how you can do it.

Create a mobile application

Did you know that building an app for your business can increase your reach? If you have thought about how to create an app from scratch and all the steps involved in the process, know that it is worth it for this purpose.

With a business app, you can really harness the power of referral marketing. While it’s hard to get people to download your app once you’ve created it, your current customers already belong to various social circles with people with similar interests.

So why not encourage your current customers to recommend your app to their friends? You can even offer a reward for a successful referral (discounts, promotional content, etc.).

Additionally, you can also create content specifically for your app. People love to share great content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Think about it, a simple text with the name of your app could translate to better reach.

Try location-based marketing

Location-based marketing is a method that uses mobile technology to help a business increase local sales. This form of marketing can help businesses improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and increase their profits.

It relies on a customer’s physical location to inform a company’s marketing strategy. This information is collected by cell phone towers or satellites.

With location marketing, you can effectively target the right audience. You can discover many important details about your current customers and you can even attract new ones.

So, consider investing in a good IP API. With it, you can better target your customers, improve your reach and even increase conversion rates with more personalized content.

Take advantage of social proof

Try to remember when was the last time you bought a one star product anywhere. For example, would you visit Amazon and buy a one star product with bad reviews? Of course not.

It’s a signal that social proof in its many forms can work wonders when it comes to the ecommerce industry (and online shopping in general).

Of course, your products have to be of high quality and this is the only way to get decent reviews and five star ratings.

Once you’ve gathered enough great reviews, don’t be afraid to show them off on your website and social media pages. If you receive negative reviews, do your best to correct what is wrong with your products. Never ignore negative comments and reviews.

Email advertising

This form of marketing is one of the oldest. However, it is still considered to be one of the most popular and effective.

It’s simple, with email marketing, businesses can talk to their customers face to face. This is a chance no one should take lightly.

With a properly planned and well-designed email marketing strategy, your business will be able to increase its customer base, while providing value to recipients and educating them about your products.

Use email marketing properly and you will easily build a strong community around your business.

Finally, make sure you find and define your business voice, deliver value in every word, and try to be concise in every email you send. This is something that all marketers prioritize when executing their email marketing campaigns.

Again, remember that every email needs to add some value to the recipient if you are to be successful with email marketing. Many other marketers got lost with their email marketing campaigns because they ignored this aspect.


Keep in mind that it is easier to retarget customers who have already done business with your company than to acquire new customers.

This is simply because they have already gone through the whole process with your business and obviously see your business as a credible business where they feel comfortable spending their money.

Since these people have been following your process, it means your business will easily retarget them. This can be done through advertising campaigns or email marketing campaigns.

These campaigns should get these customers to come back to your business website and spend more money. This is how a business creates loyal customers and they are the real backbone of all businesses.

Final thoughts

Hope you now have some new tips and strategies you can add to your marketing toolkit.

While it is often difficult to increase the reach of your brand, try to be as authentic as possible and shoot all your guns. And don’t forget that you also need to be patient because you probably won’t see the results right away.


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