In-game stats, monthly earnings and more from Desi Gamers in October 2021


Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous battle royale games on mobile devices, and due to its widespread success, areas like content creation, streaming, and eSports have become an attractive option. Subsequently, many YouTubers have accumulated many followers, like AmitBhai.

For those wondering, Amit “AmitBhai” Sharma runs the famous “Desi Gamers” channel, which has over 11.5 million subscribers. On top of that, he has amassed over 1.61 billion views to his name.

AmitBhai’s Free Fire ID and stats as of October 2021

Its Free Fire ID is 206746194.

Lifetime statistics

AmitBhai Lifetime Stats (Image via Free Fire)
AmitBhai Lifetime Stats (Image via Free Fire)

AmitBhai has made 8,873 team mode appearances and has a win total of 2,423, which comes down to a win ratio of 27.30%. With 23677, the player has a K / D ratio of 3.67.

In duo mode, he played 4,785 matches and won 793 times, for a winning percentage of 16.57%. The content creator landed 12,833 kills with a kill-to-death ratio of 3.21.

Finally, Desi Gamers has 3,646 solo games under their belt and beat their opponents in 305, bringing their win rate to 8.36%. He accumulated 8,538 kills for a K / D ratio of 2.56.

Classified statistics

AmitBhai Classified Statistics (Image via Free Fire)
AmitBhai Classified Statistics (Image via Free Fire)

AmitBhai has appeared in 177 team matches and has 40 first places in the current season, with a winning percentage of 22.59%. He has 697 kills in this mode, handling a K / D ratio of 5.09.

As for the duo mode, Desi Gamers has played 95 duo games and owns 9 Booyahs, corresponding to a win rate of 9.47%. In the process, he has 259 kills, ensuring a K / D ratio of 3.01.

AmitBhai has been in 60 solo matches and has seven wins, resulting in a winning rate of 11.66%. He racked up 170 wins for a K / D ratio of 3.21.

Monthly earnings

These are AmitBhai's earnings (Image via Social Blade)
This is AmitBhai’s income (Image via Social Blade)

According to the Social Blade website, AmitBhai’s estimated monthly earnings on the Desi Gamers YouTube channel are between $ 10,000 and $ 160.5,000.

Youtube channel

It’s been about three years since AmitBhai started downloading Garena Free Fire related content. Since then, he has accumulated a lot. There are currently 1,047 videos on her channel, the most viewed of which has 22 million views.

In the past 30 days, Desi Gamers has gained 200,000 subscribers and 40.11 million views, according to Social Blade.

Note: The stats mentioned above were recorded at the time of writing and are subject to change as Amitbhai plays more games.

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