Instant Report Findings: Consumers Want an In-Store Online Shopping Experience


Foresight Factory partnered with Snap for a global report that found consumers want to combine in-store shopping with shopping connected to the digital experience.

The Future of Shopping report showed that Australian consumers are keen to enjoy the benefits of shopping online while shopping in-store.

While consumers have admitted that they appreciated the convenience of shopping online. A significant number of consumers said they still enjoy going to the store and trying things out.

The report found that retailers need to embrace “connected shopping” in order to meet the needs of consumers.

Connected shopping is the fusion of online and in-store experiences. Enable consumers to enjoy the benefits of online convenience while shopping in physical stores.

The report found:

  • Global survey of 20,000 shoppers and over 1,500 Australians found consumers want a ‘connected shopping experience’, with a mobile-friendly tech key to bring people back to the store
  • The report reveals that 40 percent of Australian consumers never shop without their mobile.
  • 4 in 10 say not being able to see, touch and try on items is the most important factor preventing them from shopping online
  • 44% of those who used augmented reality (AR) when shopping online said it encouraged them to buy.
  • 31% of online returns could be avoided by using AR technology to try on items

Meabh Quoirin, co-founder and CEO of Foresight Factory, said: Consumers demonstrate a clear desire for the human interaction that accompanies in-person shopping, as well as the convenience and engagement of online shopping.

“Connected shopping should be at the heart of brands’ strategies to bring shoppers back to their stores, because our research shows that when brands adopt technologies both in-store and online, they can do more. strengthen and deepen their links with consumers.

Kathryn Carter, Managing Director, ANZ, SEA & HK, Snap Inc. said: “Although physical retail has remained open across much of Australia for the past year or so, consumers are demanding a blended retail experience with all the benefits of online and in-store shopping.

“Retailers that respond to consumer demands and provide convenience, social interaction, product proximity and personalized shopping experiences will continue to grow, especially with younger shoppers. “


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