K18 Expands to Sephora Online and In-Store


K18, a biotechnological brand of high-performance haircare, set up at Sephora on December 21, 2021.

The brand will debut at Sephora on Tuesday, December 21 on Sephora.com and will be available in-store in 502 stores across the United States starting Sunday, December 26.

K18’s unique approach to hair care

Founded by tech industry veteran Suveen Sahib, K18 offers a unique scientific approach to hair care. K18Peptide, clinically proven to reverse hair damage in four minutes, was developed by applying sequence analogy computer models used in biotechnology to the molecular structure of human hair.

The peptide, a unique amino acid sequence, works at the molecular level to give hair back like new strength and elasticity. By reaching the innermost layers of the hair and reconnecting broken keratin chains – the result of fading, chemical services, and heat damage – the peptide ensures long-lasting renewal instead of temporarily repairing the damage.

Reach a new audience

The brand will reach new audiences through this partnership with Sephora, teaching consumers why the science behind hair not only has a place in their personal care routine, but paves the way for the next era in hair health.

Biomimetics, the practice of learning and imitating nature, is a key part of the unprecedented formula of K18’s Leave-In Molecular Restorative Hair Mask. Mimicking the natural structure of the building blocks of keratin (amino acid sequences), the bioactive K18 peptide is the perfect size and molecular structure to seamlessly integrate and reconnect broken keratin chains. Recognized as natural by the hair, it is not washed off by water or shampoo like traditional binding agents.

“Nature is the best creator, and we’ve found that by understanding the biology of hair, you can achieve what you’ve always wanted – true hair health and full expression with less. Less product, less frustration , less damage, ”commented founder Suveen. Sahib. “We are delighted to join forces with Sephora as extraordinary partners in our crusade to liberate hair care. No one should have to choose between healthy hair and hair that looks the way they want – and now the diverse and curious community of beauty lovers. At Sephora, we never have to make that compromise. We’re ready to share this innovation with even more people, and we’re excited that Sephora sees the value of molecular repair that actually works on all hair types.

“Sephora is thrilled to partner with K18 and continue to bring the best hair care innovation to our customers,” said Jennifer Lucchese, VP Haircare Merchandising at Sephora. “K18 is a disruptive, results-driven brand that focuses on resolving hair damage for clients of all hair types and textures and we are excited to introduce them to our Sephora community. “

Following the brand’s retail expansion, K18 looks forward to unveiling larger-scale consumer and social initiatives, educating on the science behind hair, and bringing innovative and focused products to market. on the results in 2022.


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