Made In America Stores Set To Overcome Supply Chain Problems As The Holidays Approach


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ELMA, NY, September 21, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – By now, most Americans have noticed that store shelves are not as full as they were before Covid. Whether it is a shortage of labor or parts, most retailers are struggling to meet consumer demand.

Another important factor is the dependence of other retailers on products manufactured abroad, mainly China. There is also a reduced supply of containers and container ships, and those that are operational have tripled or quadrupled their shipping rates. It is not a problem for Made in America store, who have access to all of its goods nationally.

“The current supply chain crisis is another reason to buy American products and increase domestic manufacturing capacity,” said Marc Andol, founder and CEO of Made in America store. “Since our company does not sell products made in other countries, we are not vulnerable to these shortages in the ocean supply chain. “

Andol noted one particular Christmas present that most consumers don’t think about yet: toys. A massive toy shortage is expected this holiday season, as most toys bought by Americans are made overseas.

“This is not the case with Made in America Stores various product lines from toys, books, puzzles and games, ”Andol added. “For example, we are so proud of our relationship with Green Toys, Inc., so named not because of their color, but because of their non-toxicity and environmentally friendly toy components.”

Andol also suggests that families try to depend less on electronic gadgets and more on educational and hands-on toys and games that the whole family can feel better about bringing home.

“It’s a great idea for kids to ‘disconnect’ from screen time every week, if not every day. Psychologists have already identified the downsides of ‘addiction’ to video games, social media and video games. other screen times that prevent children from playing outside and doing crafts and sports. “

Made in America store launched its holiday toys and games offering to stay ahead of any supply chain and transportation challenges that may arise as the 4th quarter of the year approaches. By purchasing the best-selling items in advance, our store is able to meet the orders of customers who anticipate.

“Please visit our physical or online stores soon to start shopping for holiday gifts early – even for items made in the United States – as economists are predicting historic high demand this year,” Andol concluded.

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