Microsoft Edge believes it can dramatically improve online shopping


Since the switch to the Chromium engine, the development of Microsoft Edge has accelerated at a steady pace.

Microsoft has just revealed details of the latest batch of changes and improvements to its web browser, including great news for anyone who uses the internet to shop and plan trips.

Among the benefits of e-commerce are not only speed and convenience, but also the ability to compare prices and view reviews before committing to a purchase. The latest browser enhancements from Microsoft help in these areas to further improve the online shopping experience.

To save you the trouble of having to use multiple tabs to separate yourself from your comments on anything you plan to buy, Microsoft has introduced a new blue tag button in the address bar. Click on it when you’re shopping and Edge will micro-search a pop-up window that lets you see customer ratings and expert reviews on the product you’re looking at without having to walk away from the store in line.

Another very handy feature for Edge users is Express Checkout. When you have filled your basket with goodies, you can click on the button Try express payment link in the address bar. Edge will not only check the discount coupons to see if you can save money, but also give you the option to automatically fill in your shipping and payment information so that you can checkout and pay with just a few clicks.

Spend, spend, spend

There are more money saving options available when planning a trip. When you start looking for travel tickers, Edge can suggest things you’d like to do at your destination, such as places to visit and restaurants to eat. If you search for airline tickets using Bing, you’ll automatically see an information panel with a list of the best prices from companies Microsoft has partnered with,

Last but not least, there’s a new feature that remembers the details of your travel plans for you. This means that when you go to a site to book tickets, Edge will remember the offer to fill in your last point of departure and destination, as well as the number of passengers that will be traveling so you don’t have to constantly enter the same information in site after site.

Analysis: save money and please people

With these latest changes, Microsoft recognizes that one of the most common uses for a web browser is online shopping. After spending a lot of time and effort improving the general browsing experience, the focus is now more on improving specific experiences. The company has already improved online shopping with its deal finder, so it’s perhaps not surprising that the software giant is looking for other ways to make things even better.

Making shopping easier and faster is a classic example of giving people exactly what they want. Shopping is supposed to be a fun experience, but the sheer number of choices available online has turned into a chore. But by removing some of the frustrating elements of online shopping, Microsoft is helping empower users, and that’s to be commended.


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